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Founded in 1993 by playwright and creative director Rose Pearson, The Writers’ Circle mission remains the same:  helping authors and artists promote and sell their creative works.  The Circle is a nonprofit online literary and arts magazine for emerging and professional writers and artists.  We feature fiction, nonfiction, book chapters, memoirs, plays, poetry, art and photography year round.

The Circle has a long history of promoting literacy and literary excellence through-out the state of Rhode Island . Workshops first originated at the First Unitarian Church in Providence, RI., and by 1997 the Circle moved to Brown University’s Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, where they remained for ten years until their permanent home in Warwick, RI. was established.

Public writing workshops were offered.  Fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, poetry programs ran year round.  Hard copy anthologies followed along with a host of outreach programs: fiction, plays and poetry contests, elementary and high school mentoring, nursing home visits, summer café open readings, prison poetry workshops, mental health and homeless shelters, new plays festivals, fund raising for the support of children in Zambia, Africa, and HIV/AIDS research in the United States.

In 2008 Rhode Island was hard hit by the collapse of financial institutions. People lost their jobs, their homes, and our funding came to an abrupt stop. Workshops and free outreach programs had to be discontinued.  In spite of this set back, the mission of supporting authors and publishing, never ended.  The Circle’s website was salvaged and a new, more powerful mission was launched in 2010.  Authors’ Page, an online literary and arts magazine, is proud to showcase original works by emerging and professionals alike. 

Like so many other nonprofits, we depend on volunteers.  We thank and acknowledge the talented, principal editors for the spring edition of Authors’ Page:  Ellen Taylor, David McDonald, Brett Rutherford, and Heather Sullivan. The new web sight was built by Cliff Francoeur of Sir Speedy, Cranston, RI. We further wish to thank those of you who continue to keep us online by sending donations. To our loyal readership, thank you for visiting Authors’ Page.  Come back often, visit us on Face-book, and tell your friends and colleagues about us.


Rose Pearson
Founder & Creative Director

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