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The Rhode Island Writers' Circle
2010 Anthology

The Rhode Island Writers' Circle Anthology, 2010 had me at the first line. I started on page one and read it straight through like a novel. Surprise and delight were editorial imperatives for this anthology. You never know whom you are going to run into when you turn the corner. The stories  whether real or imagined, presented as dialogue in a script or stanzas of poetry —are told in language that is revelatory.  Apart from the theme or plot they are conveying, the words and the way they are strung together, makes you see things in a new way.  The contributors are passionate about telling their stories.  In this book you are spoken to by people who very much want you to know what they have seen, felt, imagined, realized, remembered. There is not a hint of irony.  No one is standing at a distance from the material or the audience.  It is an intimate, immediate collection, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, once in a while scary, a little sad from time to time, and frequently sexy.

--John Kotula

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The Rhode Island Writers' Circle
2008 Anthology

"Their 2008 Anthology offers readers the refreshing fruit of their labors. Published by The Poet's Press, the anthology offers a mixture of genres: drama, fiction, nonfiction (both memoir and essays) and poetry. By all means pick up a copy and discover for yourself how much writerly talent resides in our small state!"
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--Celest Martin, Professor of Writing and Rhetoric,University of Rhode Island

"The book is filled with a number of interesting short pieces, many focusing on life in the Ocean State. Love, death, family, friendship, loneliness and relationships are the subjects most represented. There are also interesting non-fiction works about being Jewish, Vietnam and the '60's, most of which are very personal accounts."

--Don Fowler, Arts and Entertainment Editor,Warwick Beacon, Cranston Herald

The Rhode Island Writers' Circle
2007 Anthology

The Providence Journal Critics' Choice 2007
"The Writers’ Circle 2007 Anthology, a spicy chowder of Rhode Island writerly talent, is now available—and it tastes terrific."

 -- Tom Chandler, RI Poet Laureate Emeritus 


The Rhode Island Writers' Circle
2003 Anthology

The Providence Journal Critics' Choice 2003
"The Writers’ Circle Anthology is excellent...Rhode Island is blessed with some very good writers." 

--Don Fowler, Arts and Entertainment Editor, Warwick Beacon, Cranston Herald

"Competition was tough for inclusion in this fine collection of poetry, fiction, essays, and drama. The result is the best of the best, a real showcase of our state's talent." 

--Tom Chandler, RI Poet Laureate Emeritus

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